Protein Formulation and Process Development along with GMP Fill Finish Services from a Single Experienced Source


Innovative Drug Delivery

(1) A company with a lyophilized orphan drug was looking for differentiation as generic competition approached. We optimized their formulation for shorter lyophilization cycle time improving COGS. We also increased the speed of reconstitution and packaged the new formulation in the patented Lyotip container closure to add a unique point of differentiation. Patient market research with current customers showed that they rated the Lyotip system higher than any existing options for reconstitution and ease of use.

(2)  A biosimilar firm was interested in unique formulations of existing products, particularly lyophilized IV drugs. Integrity Bio was able to take their lyophilized drug and successfully formulate liquid versions over 200mg/ml.

(3) A pharmaceutical company was seeking a simple way to deliver multiple doses of lyophilized products in a manner as easy as a prefilled syringe. The lyotip system was adapted to support multiple administrations from one syringe.