Technology and Innovation

Integrity Bio has developed innovative technology that advances lifecycle management, patient care, and the delivery of biotechnology drugs.



The ease of a prefilled syringe with the stability of a lyophilized drug in a one-step reconstitution and injection


The Lyotip Advantage

  • User-friendly design favored by patients and/or practitioners
  • Eliminates need for separate mixing steps
  • Designed for use with existing fill/finish and lyophilized process
  • May permit decreased use of cold chain handling
  • Cost effective, highly valued differentiation for SC and IV lyophilized drugs

Lyotip was chosen as ‚ÄúBest” in ease of use, preparation speed, learning ease, portability and economy in a third-party market study of competitors.

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Excelse Bio

Concentrating & efficiently delivering high-dose biologic medicine

The Excelse Bio Advantage

Our groundbreaking Excelse high-concentration formulation technology uses customized blends of amino acids to highly stabilize and concentrate delicate biotechnology medicines.

  • Permits concentration of intravenous liquid and lyophilized biologics into liquid subcutaneous injections
  • Significantly reduces viscosity
  • Allows for concentrations of up 300 mg/mL allowing 1 mL injections
  • Uses stabilizers that are non-active and FDA approved

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